About Us

Brand history

What happens when the Michelin-starred Chef Alec, London restaurateur Mark, the talented Chef Ram and a passionate group of foodies come together? You get 8food: the home of fresh, tasty, delicious cuisine. 8food is an online food delivery service that specializes in fresh food, delivered quickly.

Just like our famous 'hotpots' (delicious one-dish meals), the founding team of 8food is an eclectic mix of people. Chef Alec is a well-known London chef who has worked with such iconic London brands as The Ivy, J Sheekey and Le Caprice. His experience at skillfully balancing international cuisines and tastes instantly drew him to the concept of 8food. The founder Mark, a renowned London restaurateur, has been deeply influenced by his mother, a successful Cordon Bleu chef. His techniques help form a solid foundation for 8food's menu. Chef Ram, like any good Bengali, has been deeply inspired by the cooking in his mother's kitchen... Inspirations that he brings to his own kitchen at 8food today. We have maintained an international influence on our menu, while keeping local tastes in mind.

8food exists to serve a large target audience that includes working crowds and creative people, among others. At its inception, the team felt there is a need to deliver healthy, fresh food, consisting of a variety of delicious hotpots (one-dish meals), wraps, filling sandwiches, healthy salads and hearty soups, across Mumbai. So, we decided to focus on a smooth delivery experience, complemented by the reasonably priced and delicious food. This is also based on the premise that What is common, everyday-food for Londoners, is now becoming popular in Mumbai too.

Brand journey

What started as an idea to serve high-quality fresh food has today evolved into a brand that is loved by foodies all over Mumbai. From the indulgent Irish Stew (yum!) to the multigrain sandwiches to the wide range of healthy salads, 8food will quickly deliver a plethora of tasty meals to your doorstep. Customers today are used to logging onto our website and getting food delivered to their homes and offices. 8food is becoming a household name all across Mumbai, renowned for not just our food but also our international packaging and quick delivery.

Our catering services have also been growing in popularity. The sandwich platters as well as the roll platters are a huge hit for working lunches, conferences, parties and events. The chips and dips platters are also very popular for office events and home parties.

Chef Ram has been constantly working on the menu. Nowadays, his focus is on hotpots that are designed to be complete meals for lunch and dinner. His deep understanding of Pan Asian cuisine, and his unwavering focus on using fresh food have played a key role in the success of 8food. The Thai Curry and the Burmese Noodle Soup (Kau Sui) are some of his perennially hit dishes. The new menu additions represent a very London-influenced international melange, such as the Caramelised Chipotle Chicken, which has tender chicken pieces cooked in a smoky chipotle sauce, designed as a one-dish meal, served with 8food's signature burnt garlic rice and fresh bread loaf. Another fine example of the international inspiration is the super satisfying Grilled Paneer sandwich that beautifully balances the soft paneer with harissa houmous and crunchy rocket leaves.

Equally important is our hardworking team of drivers. As they are the only ones who physically interact with customers, they have been trained to be always smiling and courteous - something that customers will happily attest to! It also helps that our entire team takes pride in delivering tasty and healthy food to customers. Any customer feedback is promptly addressed; in fact, our team has incorporated this very feedback into the new menu additions.

A variety of online ordering options are available, such as our own easy-to-use website, as well as popular online meal ordering platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy. We also consciously choose to manage delivery ourselves, as this gives us an opportunity to interact with each customer and serve them with a smile. Today, 8food is undoubtedly one of Mumbai's top food delivery services, that offers a seamless and convenient online meal order system, with high-quality, fresh food delivered to your doorstep. We have successfully replicated the London experience in Mumbai.