Why Us

The "8" Team

We have a small but dynamic team here at 8, with a combination of Indians and Brits. The Brits, have been in the restaurant sector in the UK for 20 years and been involved in places like The Ivy, Le Caprice, J Sheekey, Patisserie Valerie, Giraffe, Strada and Whyte & Brown. We have our very own Michelin-Star Chef from the UK who helps create the recipes and works closely with our chef Ram in India, to make sure our food is always at its best. The rest of the team in India is growing all the time, and includes an elite squadron of drivers to navigate around and safely deliver our delicious food directly to your home or office. If you're interested in joining our team, email us at

But there's more........

Our dishes were devised in London by a Michelin-Star Chef.

We combine the best of Indian and Western cultures.

We care about where we buy our ingredients from.

Our food is freshly made to order.

And we deliver direct to your office or home in BKC within 45 minutes.

What Our Customers Say

We met at the Cigar Club where I first tasted 8 Food, I very much enjoyed the food there so today we ordered from our office. Our office is in Khar but I understand that as yet your Khar premises have not opened. We ordered Tuna Sandwich, Laksa Soup, Falafel Harissa Houmous and Prawn Sandwich the food was delicious we really enjoyed and will be ordering again for sure. It is difficult to get this type of food in Mumbai especially with the proper ingredients. Thank you.
- Preet Brannigan


I really like the Coronation Chicken Sandwich - and have now tried the Ciabatta and the Wholegrain. The Ciabatta bread works wonderfully with the Corrie Chick. Love the Spinach Iced Tea, loved the Lamb Stew, Two Bean Soup. Egg Mayonnaise & Prawn Sandwiches better with whole grain bread as both light and delicate fillings. We ordered again & it came with good packaging - loved the mint as an extra tidbit. Good luck with it, Overall yum!
- Virginia